NJIRC 2017 – Rules & Regulations

  1. Machines
    Concept 2 Indoor Rowing machines will be used. The resistance level can be set to the competitor’s preference, but no changes to the setting can be made once a race starts.
  1. Race distances and times

Year 7 – 2 minutes

Year 8 – 3 minutes

Year 9 – 4 minutes

Year 10 – 5 minutes

Year 11 – 6 minutes

Year 12 & 13 – 2000 metres
Special Invitation Races – 2 minutes

  1. Special Invitation Races This category is for young people with a Special Educational Need or Disability.
  • The top 3 (boys & girls) in each year group – 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 & 13 will receive medals
  • All competitors will receive Certificates of Participation (posted after the event)
  • All participants that are eligible to race in this category can race in the mainstream category if they wish, but must choose only one event
  • LYR aim to stage this category between 12.00 and 13.00
  1. Racing: There are no heats. Some categories may be run over several races, but results will be determined by ranking all competitors by time or distance. All races must be completed in one go, no split scores (500m averages) will be allowed.
  1. Medals: Gold, Silver and Bronze medals will be awarded to the first, second and third place in each category.
  1. Boat Race Relay: A team of 6 -8 covering the quickest time of The Boat Race recorded.
  • The event is 16 mins 19 secs
  • Each person must row at least once
  • The team can do multiple changeovers
  • The relay is open to teams of max 8 boys or 8 girls
  • Athletes from Year 10, 11, 12 or 13 only
  • Any combination of athletes
  1. Junior Relay: Team of either 4 boys or 4 girls – race over 2000 metres.
  • Each person must row at least once
  • The team can do multiple changeovers
  • Year groups 7, 8 & 9 only
  • Any combination of athletes
  1. Relay Changeovers
  • Any member of the team can hold the straps onto the feet
  • No one else is allowed on the race floor to assist

Entry Regulations

  1. If an athlete fails to register or race at the scheduled time they will only be able to race in the Bull Pen. Scores from the Bull Pen will not be included when awarding medals but will be published alongside all other results after the event
  1. Race entry confirmation and order of racing will be available on the London Youth Rowing website on or after Tuesday 14th March 2017.
  1. No entries on the day will be accepted.
  1. It may be necessary to contact you if any clarification is required – please ensure you have included a day time contact number.
  1. By entering the National Junior Indoor Rowing Championships, each competitor agrees to be bound by these rules.
  1. All entry instructions, entry form and FAQs form part of the rules.
  1. The organisers reserve the right to limit the size of the entry.
  1. The decision of the judges is final.




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