NJIRC 2017 – FAQ’s

Frequently Asked Questions:


How do we get to the venue?

The Lee Valley Athletics Centre venue is located at 61 Meridian Way, Edmonton, N9 0AR.
The nearest tube is Tottenham Hale. LYR run shuttle buses to and from the venue from 8am.
A shuttle bus timetable will be published closer to the event.

Is there parking for Coaches?

There is parking in the adjacent car park. There are no reservations. Parking is on a first come first served basis. There is plenty of parking available.

Is previous rowing experience required?

Previous rowing experience is not required. However it is recommended, to help young people set a pace that they can maintain for the duration of the race.

What time does the event start?

Registration is open from 8.30am. The first race is due to begin at 10am, the holding pen will be open from 9.30am. Please check nearer the date for a race schedule. Registration will be open until 12 noon; please ensure you arrive early so you do not miss your events.

When should we register?

We suggest you allow plenty of time to register as we may be running ahead of schedule on the day. There may be a queue at registration, especially between 8.30-9.30am.

Is there an area to warm up?

There is a park surrounding Lee Valley Athletics Centre, unfortunately we not have allocated rowing machines for warming up.

Will there be refreshments available?

There will be several reasonably priced vendors to purchase snacks. It is advisable to bring your own refreshments too, due to the high numbers of people on site.

Can I register myself as an individual?

You can register as an individual if your school/club is not attending.

How do I make changes to the team sheet and add relays?

You can make changes to your entry from 1 -10th March and add your relay teams. Relay entries will be on a first come, first served basis due to capacity. On the day, you can change only 2 team members.

What should participants wear?

All participants should wear appropriate sportswear: trainers, shorts and t-shirt. The arena gets quite hot so wearing layers is a good idea. Girls should make sure their hair is tied back. All clothing should be fitted to avoid becoming caught in a rowing machine.

What should participants bring?

We suggest everyone brings a change of clothes, deodorant, lunch, water (ideally in a refillable bottle) money for snacks, camera, perhaps a school banner or mascot.

Can participants listen to music on the race floor?

Yes, earphones may be worn whilst racing.

Are spectators welcome?

Yes, and it is free of charge!

How do the relays work?

There are two relay events. For both races, each rower in the team must row at least once.
No coaches are permitted on the race floor, only team members can assist with changeovers.

Event Year Groups Number of Rowers
Boat race relay 16 mins 19 seconds 10 – 13 6 – 8
Junior relay 2000m 7 – 9 4

Are the year groups divided for the Special Invitational races (SEND)?

Yes, the categories for Special Invitational races are: Year 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 & 13

There will be medals awarded for each category. For the SEND racing only, teachers are able to support students through the holding pens and onto the race floor.

Can individuals set the resistance on the rowing machines?

The machines are all Concept 2 machines with a damper leaver to set resistance. Individuals may set the resistance to whatever level they prefer before the race.

What happens if we miss a race?

Anyone who is delayed can still race in the Bull Pen (marked area). Unfortunately these scores won’t be eligible for a medal.

What happens if anyone loses a wristband?

We are able to re-issue a new wristband and new number at registration. With over 2,000 entries this increases the risk of your results being mixed up, therefore please ensure wristbands are worn at all times.

When are medals presented?

After every race category there will be a medal ceremony with Bronze, Silver & Gold medals awarded to winners by VIP guests.

Are toilets and showers available?

There are large toilets suitable for changing and portaloos outside. Unfortunately there are no showers available on site.

Where can I find the results?

Provisional results will be available on the day in a clearly marked area. Final results will be posted on our website: www.londonyouthrowing.com/njirc2017-results

Are there additional activities on site?

We have a ‘Festival of Sport’ with a wide range of activities to keep everyone engaged. There will be a list of activities on our website nearer the time.

How do I prevent photos of any individual without photo consent?

When you register please ask our staff for a lanyard for each young person without photo consent. This will identify them to staff and photographers.

Is first aid provided?

St John’s Ambulance will be present throughout the day near to the race floor.