Life Skills


Breaking Barriers develops the life skills of young people through a structured programme of physical activity and industry led workshops.

Breaking Barriers aims to:

  1. Develop the life skills of young people (e.g. teamwork, leadership, time management, communication skills)
  2. Broaden the future aspirations of young people
  3. Provide future pathways for young people into further education, training or employment

We are able to achieve this by bringing together organisations from different sectors who subscribe to the vision, and make multi-year financial and organisations investments in the programme.


London Youth Rowing are newly involved in an innovative coach development program, in association with the Royal Foundation. We hope this will support young people to progress from participation in sport, into sport education, training and employment. This programme aligns well with London Youth Rowing’s ongoing need for quality coaches to support our programme activity, from engagement through to performance.

Our apprenticeship programme will lead to a recognised qualification. Most of the training is on-the-job in London Youth Rowing’s Centres, working with a mentor coach to learn job specific skills in the workplace. This on-the-job training takes the form of 30 hours per week developing, affiliating, building and coaching junior sections of our clubs across London.

The programme aims to:

  1. Help young people gain qualifications in the work place
  2. Open opportunities to a career in sport
  3. Hire home-grown talent


London Youth Rowing has a working relationship with two London based academies, whereby we provide full time coaching staff for all indoor and water based rowing. This commitment spans further than just an extra-curricular club. Our coaches are fully submersed in school life, teaching rowing in PE classes as part of the standard curriculum, for all age groups.

Our longest standing academy is Mossbourne Community Academy (Hackney), having been with us for 5 years.

Our latest addition, Brampton Manor Academy (Newham) is in its second year.

The aim of this programme is:

  1. To run a high level rowing programme similar to those in elite private schools, and therefore challenging the traditional rowing stereotype
  2. Encourage high performance rowing and competition, at a national and international level
  3. Provide activity and social experiences outside of the classroom


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