80+ schools across London sign-up to host ‘satellite clubs’. London Youth Rowing provides 5 indoor rowing machines and a community coach. These clubs are linked to on-water ‘hubs’, where free taster sessions are provided. It’s a Sport England funded initiative, that also spans across a variety of other sports.

Many of our SHaC schools have never encountered rowing programs before. So, the aim of this programme is to:

  1. Provide the tools needed for maximum engagement and participation
  2. Create sustainable rowing clubs, that would continue to run, led by the school, without LYR input
  3. Encourage participants to make the move to water rowing


The Row4Results initiative joins London Youth Rowing with Tideway, whereby LYR holds a series of indoor rowing events and competitions between boys and girls from years 7 & 8. It runs both in schools, and community youth centres across London.

The programme aims to:

  1. Ensure that rowing is accessible to everyone, regardless of their background and previous experience
  2. Connect and reconnect Londoners with the River Thames


With the help of the John Lyon’s Charity grant, this Learn-2-Row programme looks to introduce young people from north-west London boroughs, to water sports. These sessions are delivered to groups that wouldn’t ordinarily have access to bodies of water.

The aims of this programme are:

  1. To offer young people at youth clubs, the opportunity to experience rowing on and off the water
  2. To engender life skills through rowing to those who wouldn’t typically get the opportunity to experience it


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